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Pricing Instruction

Pricing Instruction

1. Management systems certification fees are determined according to the following factors, taking into account management objectives, market conditions and competitive environment:

  • Number of auditors and technical experts x days to be spent for the 1st stage and 2nd stage audit
  • Daily auditor and technical expert fees
  • Accreditation cost per unit according to the targeted number of certification
  • Office expenses per unit according to the targeted number of certification
  • Tax costs and profit targets of the company

2. Total fee is determined on the basis of inspection period (man-day) and document usage fee. Therefore, with the increase or decrease in the number of man-days, the total wage also changes accordingly.

3. Audit fees are determined separately for certification audit, 1st and 2nd surveillance audit and follow-up audit. In document renewals and re-certification, the previous contract of the customer can be taken into consideration.

4. The determined fees are sent to the relevant customers with the "FR-04 Offer / Contract Form".

5. Any audit that results in non-issuance, suspension or cancellation of the certificate does not relieve the client's payment obligation.

6. The General Manager has the right to increase or decrease the wages by 25%.

Discount Status

  • If stage 1 is a desk head
  • Low risk
  • Certification of group companies

Increase Reasons

  • The cost of the auditor is high.
  • It is in high risk code.
  • The auditor's time spent on the road is too much.

7. Supervision fees art. Considering the conditions in 1, approximately 75% of the certification fees.

8. Certification fees for non-accredited documents are determined by the General Manager.