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ISO 41001 the Facility Management Services standard is one of the most important ISO documents for companies. Therefore, It is worth mentioning the ISO documents before explaining the said document. ISO is a federation established in 1947 under the name of the International Standard Organization. Since its establishment, ISO has been developing scientific, technological and commercial activities all over the world and ensuring that these activities are reflected in the products or services supplied by companies. Companies work in accordance with the ISO standards to provide better and high quality services. With the ISO documents, these companies prove to their customers and the market that they offer services at international standards. The ISO 41001 Facility
Management Services Standard Certificate is also one of these ISO documents.

What is the ISO 41001 Facility Management Services Standard?

As mentioned above, the ISO 41001 Facility Management Services Standard is one of the ISO documents that provide great benefits for companies. The ISO 41001 certificate is developed by examining and reporting the best practices in the world. This document provides companies with a wide range point of action to enable them delivering strategic planning at new standards, developing tactics and improving new plant management. At the same time, the ISO 41001 certificate supports all kinds of organizations that wish to transfer their certification to subcontractors of facility management activities. Whether small or large, companies always have activities related to facility management. Therefore, facility management systems gains importance in the areas used by companies and supplying needs of the people in these areas. What is the scope of the ISO 41001 facility management services standard? The ISO 41001 facility management services standard determines the needs of the companies for facility management. It is possible to list the scope of the ISO 41001 Facility Management Services standard as follows.

• It enables efficient and successful management of facility management that supports consumer’s demands and needs.
• It ensures that the needs of the company and its contacts are met in the most feasible way.
• It ensures a competitive sustainability in the national and international arena.

Whether the company operates in public or private sector, the requirements of the document are applicable in ISO 41001 Facility Management Services standard. Therefore, the requirements of the ISO 41001 document can be applied to all sectors and benefits may be gained.